MAC Address API

The MAC address vendor API allows you to retrieve OUI vendor information, detect virtual machines, manufacturer, location, read the information encoded in the MAC address, and get our research's results regarding the given MAC address, OUI, IAB.

  "vendorDetails": {
    "oui": "443839",
    "isPrivate": false,
    "companyName": "Cumulus Networks, Inc",
    "companyAddress": "650 Castro Street, suite 120-245 Mountain View CA 94041 US",
    "countryCode": "US"
  "blockDetails": {
    "blockFound": true,
    "borderLeft": "443839000000",
    "borderRight": "443839FFFFFF",
    "blockSize": 16777216,
    "assignmentBlockSize": "MA-L",
    "dateCreated": "2012-04-08",
    "dateUpdated": "2015-09-27"
  "macAddressDetails": {
    "searchTerm": "44:38:39:ff:ef:57",
    "isValid": true,
    "virtualMachine": "Not detected",
    "applications": [
      "Multi-Chassis Link Aggregation (Cumulus Linux)"
    "transmissionType": "unicast",
    "administrationType": "UAA",
    "wiresharkNotes": "No details",
    "comment": ""

For a given MAC address we retrieve

Vendor details

Name of the company which registered the MAC addresses block, it’s street address and country code in ISO 3166 format.

Created & Updated dates

Dates when the MAC address block the given MAC address belongs to was registered and updated the last time.

Block details

For the MAC block the MAC address belongs to, get Left and Right borders, total number of the MAC addresses in it, and assignment type.

Is MAC address registered?

Check if the MAC address belongs to any of the registered MAC blocks.

Is MAC address valid?

Check if the provided MAC address is syntactically correct.

Is MAC address private?

Check if the MAC address belongs to the privately registered block.

Virtual Machine Detection

If the MAC address is assigned to a Virtual Machine, output its Vendor Name (e.g. 'VMWare'), otherwise say 'Not detected'.

Possible applications

Some MAC addresses and their ranges are reserved for specific use cases by their vendors. Such addresses typically indicate what higher-level protocol is encapsulated in a frame.

Wireshark notes

For some specific OUIs or exact MAC addresses, Wireshark Database provides extra details which may help to recognize the MAC address application or indicate an actual vendor rather than the original assignment.

Transmission Type

Determine whether it's a Multicast or Unicast address.

Administration Type

Determine whether it's a Universally or Locally administered address.

MAC address client library in Python languageMAC address client library in PHP languageNode.js MAC address client library

API Libraries

To make coding against MAC address API easier, use client libraries that reduce the amount of code you need to write.
MISP module for MAC Vendor Lookup APIYETI module for MAC Vendor Lookup APISplunk module for MAC Vendor Lookup API

API Integrations

We provide extensions for the major open source threat intelligence platforms. If you use any of them, you can easy integrate our service.
MAC address command-line utility

API Utilities

To make coding against MAC address API easier, use command-line utilities that reduce the amount of code you need to write.

We deliver complete and relevant data

Vendor data is provided daily, directly from the IEEE Standards Association.

We build a knowledge base about known MAC addresses' connections to Virtual Machines.

We also collect our own historical information since 1997.

Our engine analyses MAC address to retrieve the information encoded in it.

Use Cases

Device Identification

Research what device is behind the MAC address.

MAC Address Details

Extend you admin toolkit with a service instantly providing MAC address details.

Virtual Machine Detection

Detect Virtual Machines to precisely monitor and manage the traffic coming from them.

Routing Control

Configure routing white and blacklists.

MAC Address Security

Check for unallowed MACs in the network.

Pricing plans for all team sizes

Our MAC Address API has a transparent pricing model suitable for business of any size.

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